Timmermann, Tonius (2011): Transgenerational Interactions in Music Therapy.
In: British Journal of Music Therapy, British society of Music Therapy, London

„Integration of working with body and breath in music therapy“ PDF
Prof. Dr. Tonius Timmermann & Gabriele Engert-Timmermann
9th World Congress of Music Therapy in Hamburg

„Family Constellation“ PDF
European Music Therapy Conference in Naples 2001

Musical Realisations of Psychotherapeutic Techniques;
11th World Congress of Music Therapy in Brisbane 2005

Prof. Dr. Tonius Timmermann

Study of paedagogy in Münster; study of music therapy in Vienna;
Clinical practice: psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychosomatics;
Research and graduation (Dr.rer.biol.hum.) in music therapy
(University of Ulm);
Professor at the University of Augsburg, Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum;
Head of the Master Training,
Private therapeutical practice in Munich and Wessobrunn;
Publishing: books, articles and music

der Universität Augsburg
Maximilianstraße 59
86150 Augsburg

Prof. Dr. Tonius Timmermann
Oberwieser Weg 5
82405 Wessobrunn
Telefon und Fax 0 88 09-427

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